Meet The Face Behind The Brand



Minister Stacey- Ann Davis -Walters is a multi-Faceted Intercession, celebrity stylist, Radio personality, founder of Radical Anointed Warriors Ministry, Stacey -A Davis-Walters Enterprise, Christ Couture Fashion, and CO-Founder of Millie’z All Purpose Batter Mix corporation.

Her desire is to transform the lives of women through interior and exterior beautification, to bring forth their self-confidence, positive self- image, and increase self-worth. Her focus in to enhance their inner beauty, to bring forth their purpose, magnify their external beauty, to diminish low self-esteem, and empower them to be all that God created them to be.

The Lord has commissioned her to shape the fashion industry through Christ center appeals. Her innovative signature designs are a depiction of the death and resurrection Christ. The unique logo symbolizes "Jesus died on the cross to save a broken world".

Her brand breaks the barrier of religious mindsets, by using groundbreaking fashion designs, to evangelize in a fashion forward way.

As a Christian designer, she is globalizing a faith centered clothing brand, for both believers and non-believers. In her ministry she focusses, one of the preaching of the gospel, prayer, and intercessor. Minister Walters is an extraordinary visionary, she has overcome abuse, stagnation, and rejection. Her process allowed her to spend time in prayer, crying out to God. It was through prayer her visions came to life, what started as a T-Shirt Brand, has transformed into global evangelism Brand.

 Stacey-Ann Davis- Walters